Build a school

Since 2004 our Build a School project has changed the lives of thousands of children across rural Africa. If you value education and want to do something incredible, help us transform a community.

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Build Africa works with government and community schools which are already in existence, allowing our approach to be sustainable and community-led. We take time to understand the needs of each community and build long-term relationships to create lasting change. We address the needs of children at home, at school and in the community to give them the education they are entitled to.

We’re committed to removing the barriers that prevent children accessing high-quality education. With your support we can achieve this.

Our unique approach

Build Africa has developed an effective model of working with schools in community clusters rather than focusing on individual schools. Working with isolated schools can sometimes be costly and even lead to overcrowding as parents move children from their existing school to one which is receiving support.

However, by working with small groups of schools simultaneously you can help us transform education for a more sustainable and brighter future.