1. What we do
  2. Early learning

Early learning

Children start learning from the moment they begin school, however many don’t get the critical support they need during their first years of lessons.

66% of children in Uganda cannot read a basic sentence by Year 3

The first years of primary education lay the foundations for learning, helping determine how a child succeeds in their time at school, and even into adult life. However many children are unable to learn the basic cognitive and social abilities they will need to do well.

In particular, children can struggle to learn vital literacy and numeracy skills that will underpin their future education, leading to undeveloped communication, and higher school dropout rates.

What we’re doing

  • Mini libraries
    We establish libraries stocked full of engaging age-appropriate books to develop reading abilities, and support parents to invest in more materials
  • Age-appropriate resources
    We supply educational games and toys that make learning more interactive for young children and develop important skills
  • Child-friendly teacher training
    We train teachers in a phonetic-based approached that's proven to support literacy rates, and help them inspire young minds with innovative lessons
  • Parental support
    We empower parents to nurture early education at home with community support groups and interactive "parents packs"
  • Wider school support
    We support schools to run extra-curricular clubs for struggling children and "buddy up" the youngest learners with older children help their development
  • Dedicated classrooms
    We construct and equip dedicated early years classrooms to create safe environments for young learners