1. What we do
  2. Improving education

Improving education

Improving education

The good news is that around the world more children than ever before are going to school. The bad news: this hasn’t been matched with improvements in the quality of education they receive. 

90% of Year 4 classrooms in Uganda have no textbooks

Many schools in rural Africa have had little investment in facilities, staff or resources, meaning the standard of children's education suffers. Students are often forced to learn under outdated methods with poor materials in unsuitable or even unsafe environments.

Parents also struggle without a secure living, meaning they are unable to care and provide for their families, plan for the future or support their children’s learning.

What we’re doing

  • Teacher training
    We support and motivate teachers to improve their skills through training and crucial network groups
  • Facilities
    We build safe, reliable classrooms, libraries and kitchens to create productive learning environments for children
  • Access to safe water
    We help school communities access clean, safe drinking water with tanks and boreholes to stay healthy and better protected from illness
  • Hygiene and sanitation
    We construct safe toilets and sanitation facilities, and run health and hygiene classes for children
  • Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLAs)
    We enable parents to access community-based financial services, so they can grow their livelihoods, and save for their families' future
  • Community involvement
    We empower rural communities to get involved with the management of their school, and help understand and overcome the challenges they face
  • Farmers Networks
    We support farming families to grow stronger, more sustainable crops, and help them get the right price for their hard work with better access to markets