1. What we do
  2. Including girls

Including girls

Supporting girls

Gender inequality fuels poverty, and girls across Africa still face huge challenges simply getting a quality education.  

9.5 million girls in sub-Saharan Africa will never set foot in a classroom

In many rural communities, a mix of poverty and cultural practices mean that families often struggle to prioritise sending their daughters to school, leaving many girls excluded from the important decisions that that will affect their lives.

Missing out on an education can lead girls to experience discrimination, abuse, even child marriage and early pregnancy. A girl without an education is also less likely to send her own children to school, creating a vicious cycle of inequality.

What we’re doing

  • Gender rights
    We educate communities on gender rights and combat negative attitudes towards women and girls
  • Tackling discrimination and abuse
    We help communities to respond to cases of neglect and abuse against girls
  • Gender-friendly teaching
    We train teachers in gender-friendly teaching methods that understand the unique problems faced by girls
  • Menstrual health
    We help girls stay healthy, and teach them valuable skills such as making reusable sanitary towels
  • Sex and relationships education
    We work with girls and boys to understand their rights and relationships within the community
  • Role models
    We support girls to becoming role models in their communities, and encourage them to explore further education or training
  • Economic empowerment
    We help young mothers to provide for their families with access to important support and financial skills