1. What we do
  2. Preparing for later

Preparing for later

Preparing for later

Going to secondary school is one of the best ways for a child to beat poverty. But, for many children, there are barriers to overcome first. 

20% of children in Kenya never finish primary school

Children are often locked-out of this vital part of their journey – either because they’ve been unable to complete primary school, or are unprepared for the next big step. Families can also face difficulties meeting the cost of continued education, and negative community attitudes towards school can stand in the way.

Denying a child of a full education can have lasting social and economic consequences. It can prevent them exploring further learning or vocational training, and make it harder to find a secure job or provide for their own family in future.

What we’re doing

  • Exam preparation
    We help children prepare for their important leaving exams and undertake mock tests
  • Family support
    We work with families to help them manage the costs of continued education, and save for their children's future
  • Exposure visits
    We prepare children for their next big step by organising exposure visits to secondary schools
  • Life skills
    We help children learn about important health and relationship issues, and empower them with decision making skills
  • Community attitudes
    We challenge negative ideas about continued education and help families support their children's development
  • Teacher motivation
    We work with teachers and education staff to improve engagement and tackle absenteeism