Fundraise at school

Fundraising at your own school can make a huge difference to the lives of young people in rural Africa. Whether it’s an on-going link with a school in Africa or a one-off donation, your support could help children access the quality education they deserve.

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Why do we need your help?

Children and teachers face many problems at schools in rural communities, making everyday learning a challenge:

Overcrowded classes

Inadequate and unhygienic toilets

Unsafe classrooms

Too few resources

How will your school benefit?

Our School Fundraising Program, developed in consultation with teachers, provides lesson plans, school presentations, games and resources to help your students:

  • Learn about the cause they are supporting
  • Gain a better understanding of global issues
  • Establish links between their lives and the lives of those that they are helping
  • Understand the work of non-profits
  • Develop participation skills and their role in active global citizenship
  • Work as a team to understand how individual and collective actions can benefit others

Your school will also gain an unforgettable insight into life and learning in a school in sub-Saharan Africa.

What could your school achieve?

  • $455 could buy 75 textbooks for children desperate to learn
  • $1,200 could pay for 4 teachers to receive training on up to date teaching methods
  • $3,350 could buy 50 desks so that children no longer sit on the floor
  • $9,000 could pay for a 10,000 liter water storage tank and guttering, giving them enough water to last through times of drought
  • $22,775 could pay to build an entire classroom

For more information about fundraising at school please contact [email protected]

School fundraising resources

School fundraising resources Read more

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